The Concept

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The Concept

CPBBQ celebrates traditional southern barbecue fare while also pushing boundaries and making less traditional, less familiar dishes more accessible within the communities we serve. Our menu is constantly changing and evolving, but we strive to have something for all pallets -- from simple to adventurous and everywhere in between. We offer several vegetarian-friendly side dishes and even have a few dishes in the works for our vegan friends.

Even our sauces are diverse and accommodating. We currently offer five sauces that are inspired by a variety of regional styles and flavors:

  • Old No. 1 is a vinegar-based sauce which is a staple in Eastern North Carolina BBQ
  • Sugaree is sweet, tomatoey, and consistent with what you’d find in Kansas City.
  • Solid Country Gold is our tangy, mustard-based, South Carolina-style sauce.
  • Midnight Whiter is our take on the mayo-based “Alabama White Sauce”.
  • Redheaded Stranger, our nod to our GA roots, is our sweet and spicy peach sauce.

Our menu is far from static. While certain favorites like Pulled Pork and Brunswick Stew are available MOST of the time, we are also known to mix it up with things like pecan pie pork belly skewers and pulled pork tacos. You’ll typically be able to find more traditional sides like coleslaw, green beans, baked beans, etc., but you’ll also see some unconventional dishes such as green chili pimento cheese grits and smoked corn maque choux. It just depends on the day and what we feel like cooking.

Of course, our catering clients can expect to have full control over what gets served since we do have an established Coastal Plain Barbecue Catering Menu. That said, if you want a street food concept at your special event, we will gladly park onsite and serve your guests just as we do when we’re open for the public!