Coastal Plain BBQ

Also available in: Español (Spanish)

About Us

Coastal Plain Barbecue Company is a food service and catering business specializing in craft barbecue. Our mission is to bring people together through quality food, fellowship, and community enrichment. We offer traditional southern barbecue fare with a creative twist.

Instead of traditional restaurant hours we curate “pop-ups” where we serve a revolving, ever-changing menu. Some pop-ups are announced far in advance, while others happen on a whim. Please be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our email list for timely updates on where we will be, when we’ll be there, and what we will feature on our menu. Our new base of operations is located at 287 Benjamin Hill Dr. in Fitzgerald, GA. Most of our pop-ups will be at this location, but we also have a concession trailer that allows us to go mobile when we feel like a change of scenery.



Our menu changes constantly, but many of our staples are available on our Coastal Plain Barbecue Catering Menu. Please contact us to talk about catering for your next event. We’ll deliver the food for you to serve, or we can park our concession trailer and cook onsite for an added ambiance. We will also customize an entire menu for you if you’d like. Our goal is to collaborate with you based on your specific needs. Contact us today and let’s get creative!

In addition to our pop-ups and catering, we will soon be offering bulk pre-orders of items like pulled pork and Brunswick stew as well as complete, ready-to-eat family meals for your busy weeknights.

We appreciate your interest in our company and product. We look forward to serving you soon!